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Archie And The Secret Through The Ivy
A heart - warming story about a family and the importance of nature with lessons on compassion towards others, self awareness and meditation. A sweet toothed young lad named Archie, his younger sister - Sophie and his life long friend, Micky the monkey look forward to their visits to their Grandparents' house - especially after collecting yummy fresh cakes from the local bakery! While the adults talk amongst themselves about boring grown up stuff, Archie grows restless and escapes with Sophie and Micky into the back garden to feed the fish in the pond. The fish zig zag through the weeds to gobble up the food fetched from the damp smelling, crooked old shed. The mischievous Mickey soon whispers rapscallion ideas into Archie's ear. Initially hesitant, Archie eventually gives in to Micky's peer pressured suggestions. With Sophie's help the events that unfold upset the fish and other animals they like to observe. Quietly watching on as he sits crossed legged by the bamboo is Yontan, an ancient statue of a wise old man who gently strokes his long wispy beard, while he leans on his twisted staff. Yontan soon befriends the siblings becoming their sage and teaches them that paying Micky attention and acting out his hair brained schemes upset the garden creatures. Through guided meditation Yontan uses the serenity of the garden pond as an analogy of the kids' mind and helps Archie keep his monkey at bay. Archie's new friend shows him how to direct his attention away from Micky by drawing his focus to the stillness of the pond's water. Archie quickly learns that Yontan's coaching is better than Micky's persistent whispers, resulting in some positively enjoyable outcomes with the animal life returning in their full glory.

Archie And The Secret Through The Ivy:
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Lessons to be learnt from reading Archie And The Secret Through The Ivy
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 Archie And The Secret Through The Ivy Paper Back Cover

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